Blacksburg Farmers Market

Why Eat Local?

Buying local is the best way to get the freshest food available. Much of the produce sold at the Market is picked the day before or even the same day that it is sold to you. That translates to better taste, texture and nutritional benefits.

Eat Local, Buy Local, Be Local

When you buy at the Farmers Market you support the local economy. This makes it possible for small and mid-size farms to thrive in our region. Your purchases at the Market also support small businesses making baked goods and healthier food products utilizing local sources.

By eating local foods you contribute to the preservation and conservation of the environment in which you live. Farmers Market growers use sustainable methods that are designed to maintain the vitality of local farmland. Eating locally reduces your carbon footprint. The food you purchase at the Market has traveled a short distance (under 50 miles radius!), compared to supermarket food that has often traveled thousands of miles, not to mention the energy and resources used for packaging and processing.

Buying at the Market gives you the chance to know the people who produce and make your food. They are a valuable resource, with lots to share about how your food is grown and made, its nutritional benefits and how to prepare it. Many shoppers have commented on how much they enjoy the weekly interaction with their Farmers Market vendors.

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Eating Local is for Everybody!

The Market appeals to every budget and every palate and diverse ethnicities. All vendors accept SNAP/EBT, and you will receive double the value of the SNAP benefits used (up to $30). Cash, debit card, and SNAP/EBT can be used at the market to purchase an array of foods that reflect the heritage of the vendors, the Blacksburg community, and the region. Visit our Info Booth at the market to find out more and learn more about how the market is connecting residents with their local food system by reading about our Montgomery County Farm to Community Planning Project.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Are You New to Using EBT?

Check out this video and discover how easy it is to use  your EBT card at the Farmers Market. Buy local, eat healthy!