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Sarah & Cedric Shannon

Weathertop Farm was established in 2003 by Cedric & Sarah Shannon, their 5 kids, and extended family partners. Since our humble beginnings with a handful of rabbits and a few chickens we have grown slowly through the years to a dedicated pasture-based farming operation with chicken, pork, turkey, lamb, eggs, rabbit & duck to offer.
Our mission is to be economically, socially & environmentally responsible while providing a healthy alternative to industrial meat. The cornerstone of our farming practices is daily rotational grazing. We are firm believers in the benefits this bestows on the land, the animals, the surrounding environment and our own health. If you get a chance to come visit the farm for yourself you can see the rotation in action first hand. No antibiotics are used, and all livestock eat from pastures that are free of pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers. Animals are free to express their natural instincts and receive quality care here on our farm.
We have been vendors at the Blacksburg Market since 2006 and have enjoyed the community of vendors and customers that is cultivated there.  You can find us there every Saturday rain or shine, year-round, and Wednesdays in season. Come find us and see what we’ve got to offer!
Weathertop Farm LLC

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