The Retro Rosette

Portfolio Description

The Retro Rosette – I’m just a local Blacksburg small business owner obsessed with succulents. In 2016, I finally learned how not to kill them. By 2017, my house and back porch was overrun by them. In September 2017, I started renting greenhouse space in town to overwinter my 250+ plant children.

Succulents are beautiful, weird little creatures. Would you like to learn more about them? I can seriously wax poetic on some fat plants. Buy some for your home? I can help you decide which ones should go where based on lighting needs. Make your own arrangements in vintage or upcycled containers? PLEASE. I need more excuses to visit thrift stores and estate sales, and have I got some finds already…

Share any ridiculously good succulent puns? GET AT ME. (540) 320-4856