Piemonte Farm

Portfolio Description

Homegrown and homemade in the heart of the Piedmont. Artisan aged cheeses, Artisan Breads, Eggs, Honey, Jellies & Jams, Herbal Blends, Natural products for your Home, and Bath & Body products.

Piemonte Farm is a dream come true, it evolved from making small batches of herbal jellies and a few jars of local honey to a whole new adventure with artisan bread baking, artisan aged cheeses and fresh farm eggs from our happy free roaming hens. From our farm to your table, we are inspired by a simple living out in the country and found ourselves blooming the best we can where we are planted.

Fresh baked French Bread but, bialys, cinnamon rolls, Rosemary and Sea Salt Fougasse, Amish Oatmeal Bread, Kalamata Olive and Rosemary Boule, Parmesan Cheese and Onions, and of course our so popular Pimento cheeses and fresh stretched mozzarella!


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Piemonte Farm