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Kat the Farmer

Gourmet Salad Greens, Microgreens, Edible Flowers, Culinary Herbs, Salad-Centric vegetables, Merchandise, Farm Memberships.

Kat The Farmer, is a salad-centric farmer who is dedicated to the work of growing food for her community and is working hard to educate consumers as to why ‘the worlds best salads are always locally grown!’

Kat’s ‘farmlet’ is an aptly named tiny farm growing salad crops on just ¼ acre in Floyd County. Her farmlet has three passive solar tunnels to increase quality and extend the season and one small nursery where everything is grown from seed. As a one-woman farm she tends her land without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or GMOs, and is Certified Naturally Grown which means her growing practices are reviewed by a peer farmer and customers each season.

Seasonal crops include greens and salad mixes, microgreens, roots, herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers. The produce is all harvested fresh and handled with extreme care to insure that your purchases are clean, crunchy and last for WEEKS in your fridge at home. In addition to growing crops, Kat also makes fresh salad dressings to pair with delicious greens for an easy salad. With a focus on soil health and superior shelf life, you’ll be amazed at the difference a locally grown salad will make!

Kat sends out a weekly newsletter detailing what crops she is harvesting each week for market. Sign up on her website for updates.

Kat’s Growing Practices:

  • Soil Focused means that as I farm I am always thinking and trying to preserve the life, and health of the soil by limiting erosion, exposure, and reducing tillage. Each year I take soil tests and work out a fertility plan to balance the soil and provide what the plants need without providing excess nutrients.
  • No GMOs or Treated Seeds, never ever. I prioritize ordering Certified Organic Seeds from seed companies I trust (mainly: Johnny’s, High Mowing, Uprising Seeds, Mumms, and Fedco).
  • No Synthetic Chemicals, I only use naturally derived inputs such as Harmony Fertilizer or BT for worms. All of my inputs are approved for use in organic production (see “OMRI” label on products).
  • Prevention and Exclusion are my first defense against crop pests whether insect or mammalian. Tunnels are screened to exclude insects and certain vulnerable crops (like arugula!) will be grown under cover to keep them free of pests and eliminate the need for sprays of any kind.
  • Annual Peer-Farmer Inspection, required as part of Certified Naturally Grown. Community members are welcome to observe the inspection process. This is different from Certified Organic because it is more affordable, more grassroots, but aligns with almost every farming standard.
  • Contaminant Free field, pack shack, and practices are designed with food safety in mind. This means all hands, tools are cleaned and sanitized before use, and work areas are kept free of debris and animals.
  • Pollinator Friendly habitat is maintained to invite pollinators to forage on the farm. This includes native wildflower plantings and never spraying while beneficial insects are actively foraging.
  • Freshly Harvested is a big part of what makes local greens unique. I harvest the day before or day of delivery and wash things to specifications designed to lengthen shelf life naturally by controlling temperature and humidity! What a difference it makes.
  • Full Transparency: Curious about my fertilizer, seed variety, or cultural practice-I am an open book! You have the right to ask me anything, or sign up to observe an annual inspection.

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Email: Katthefarmer@gmail.com

Phone: (540) 835-3563

Kat the Farmer