Draper Springs Nursery & Gardens

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Draper Springs Nursery & Garden

Established in 2021, Draper Springs Nursery & Gardens is a small plant nursery located in Draper, Virginia. We focus on native plants and edible plants, growing a wide variety of native herbaceous perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees as well as herb, vegetable, fruit, nut and edible flower plants. We also grow a selection of houseplants and make many of their decorative pots. In addition to plants, we design and stitch embroidered earrings, many of which are nature themed. We are committed to sustainability: all of our outdoor plants are sold in biodegradable pots made from recycled material, we craft our plant labels from wood, we mix all of our potting soil onsite with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. We use organic practices in our nursery and our garden.

Our inspiration for starting this plant nursery spawns from our passion for plants and the support of organisms that rely on them for survival…from the tiniest of pollinators to humans! We have a desire to educate and promote both the use of native plants in the landscape as well as growing your own food. Why plant native species? The list of reasons is long…lower maintenance, healthier environment, wildlife support, preservation and promotion of diversity, natural beauty…and so many more. Our plant signs include information about wildlife value and if the plant is a larval host, which species rely on it. We look forward to having new species available throughout the season and continuing to discover and learn. Come see us at the market on Saturdays from May to October!