Crooked Porch Farm

Portfolio Description

At Crooked Porch Farm we strive to make fresh, local, high-quality produce available year round! We focus on growing winter and fall produce, so you can get your local veggie fix during even the coldest months of the year. We work hard to provide a wide variety of the tastiest fall and winter vegetables by growing some of your familiar favorites, but also specialty and heirloom varieties. Here are some of the veggies coming out of the field, high tunnels, and cellar this season:

Ten different specialty potato varieties // Fingerling potatoes // Butternut and other winter squash // Pumpkins // Sweet potatoes // Japanese Sweet potatoes // Onions // Cabbage // Napa Cabbage // Broccoli // Brussels Sprouts // Cauliflower // Scallions // Rainbow Carrots // Beets // Parsnips // Watermelon Radishes // Radishes // Purple Top Turnips // Scarlet Turnips // Fennel // Lettuce // Salad Mix // Arugula // Baby Kale // Kale // Collards // Rainbow Chard // Black Turtle Beans // Pinto Beans // Silver Cloud Cannellini Beans

In addition to veggies we wholesale seasonal blooms (mostly spring flowering branches and foraged perennials). We also grow, boil, and bottle sorghum syrup here on the farm, and raise pastured pork, chicken, and broad- breasted bronze Thanksgiving turkeys. Our pork and chicken is spoken for, but get in touch if you’re interested in pre-ordering a Thanksgiving turkey.

805 Cross Creek Rd, Hillsville, VA

Crooked Porch Farm