Cedar Chest Farm

Portfolio Description

The Cedar Chest Farm is a 1/2-acre market farm in the McCoy area of Blacksburg, owned and operated by Erin Worrall. Erin grows a diverse variety of vegetables with some cut flowers and a new-for-2024 field of strawberries – which she sells at the Wednesday market and through a local CSA. Chances are, if you’ve met Erin at the market, she’s introduced you to a fun new vegetable or surprised you with tips for how to use parts of the plant you’d never tried before. That’s because the farm is founded on the idea that a connection to where and how your food is grown can be life-changing, and that access to local food builds vibrant, healthy communities!

The Cedar Chest Farm is Certified Naturally Grown, which means that your food is grown entirely without synthetic chemicals or inputs, in harmony with nature.