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Birdsong Farm and Birdsong Cafe

It’s always been about the bees! Deano and Patti Chlepas started Birdsong Farm in 2005, with several beehives and the dream of protecting bees and educating the public about pollinator health. As of 2024 we’ve been a fixture at the Blacksburg Farmers Market with our honey and handcrafted products of the hive for 18 seasons. All honey comes solely from our mountain apiary, only 20 miles from Blacksburg, and you can bet it’s likely the best you’ve ever tasted. Our healthy and delicious Birdsong Farm honey is renowned for its delicate sweet taste – reminiscent of the sourwoods, hardwoods, berries, fruit, and wildflowers that feed our bees.

Our success as an apiary has come from researching and breeding a quality genetic line of bees, adapted to our local climate and flora.  All of our beekeeping practices are organic, natural and pesticide-free. As well as our delicate and delicious honey, we also sell hygienic queen bees and our nucleus hives (Nucs). Please call or contact Deano for seasonal availability (540) 505-1614.

In addition to our honey, Birdsong Farm has been selling our handcrafted beeswax candles, and a variety of products of the hive including lotion bars, lip therapy, beeswax Relief Salve, and wood and leather conditioners.  Our popular products are known simply for our high-quality natural ingredients and their health.

Summer 2016, Birdsong Farm added the Café at Birdsong Farm utilizing our honey as a primary ingredient in beverages and foods.  In a commercial kitchen, we bake Baklava and granola as well creating honey-based food items including honey tea stirrers and honey roasted nuts.  Our Signature Chai and locally roasted Red Rooster Coffee have become an overnight sensation and our Signature Iced Coffee made fresh weekly has people cueing up early each Saturday morning.  The sales of all Birdsong products including our coffees, chai, baked goods, and handcrafted products of the hive help to preserve and support our precious honeybees. It truly is all about the bees!

(540) 505-1611

2785 Cooks Run Road
Lindside, WV 24951


Birdsong Farm