Birdsong Farm

Portfolio Description

Patti and Deano Chlepas

Deano and PattiChlepasstarted Birdsong Farm in 2005, with several beehives and the dream of protecting bees and educating the public about pollinator health.  Birdsong Farm has become a Honey Bee Sanctuary, providing the perfect protection for honey bees in a natural environment with organic beekeeping practices.  Their healthy and delicious local organic honey is renowned for its delicate sweet taste – reminiscent of the sourwoods, berries, lavender, fruit, and wildflowers that feed their bees.

In addition to honey, at the Blacksburg Market since 2008, they’ve been selling handcrafted beeswax candles, and a variety of products of the hive including lotion bars, lip therapy, beeswax salve, and wood and leather conditioners.  Their popular “Don’t Bug Me Natural Insect Repellent” uses only the finest steam distilled essential oils.

Summer 2016, they opened the Birdsong Café utilizing their honey as a primary ingredient in beverages and foods.  In a local commercial kitchen, they bake Baklava and create a variety of honey based food items including honey tea stirrers and organic honey roasted almonds.  Their Signature Chai and locally roasted Red Rooster Coffee have become an overnight sensation.

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RR1, Box 37, Lindside, WV 24951