Talking Hill Farm

Project Description

Bill Whipple
Rt. 1 Box 169 b , Union, WV 24983

Talking Hill Farm is a small mountain farm just west of you over the border in West Virginia that takes advantage of its northern micro climate that reaches far south. They are primarily focused on perennial tree crops suitable to that region. This means they can grow things that normally grow quite a ways up north like European pears! The good folks at Talking Hill are trailing over 100 varieties of heirloom pears to see which do best for their region and needs. Some varieties will ready for market as early as July! Their dream is to have fresh local fruit at least 9 months out of the year. Maple sugaring is another product from their farm and since a large portion of the farm is north facing they have quite a few sugar maples. If spring frosts are kind, expect to see cherries and unusual berries at the Market this June. At Talking Hill, they use air, sunshine and biodiversity for controls of disease and pests. This means they grow about one tenth the quantity that is expected of a commercial operation but don’t use any synthetic chemicals. “We are casually biodynamic and try to find the passive balance between what our site can produce with modest inputs from us” says Bill Whipple, owner of Talking Hill Farm.