Sweetwater Baking Co.

Project Description

Sam and Allison Siller
(540) 593-3191
191 Sweetwater Way, Floyd, VA 24091

Sam and Allison Siller moved to Sweetwater Way in 2000, but they started baking for sale at the Blacksburg Farmers Market in 1995. There has been a family interest on both sides for many years. Sam’s sister originally started the business, and Allison learned from her sister while growing up. Sam and Allison feel that “a mere recipe comes to life when its character has excellent rapport with the cook by combining the highest quality ingredients with attention to nuance.”

Both Sam and Allison create the recipes and bake. All their goods are made from Certified Organic ingredients.They produce seven varieties of natural leavened sour dough bread that is baked in a wood-fired brick oven.The recipes include classic combinations for Seed, Oatmeal and Rustic White breads, as well as distinctive recipes for Mountain Brown, Prairie Brown, Rocky Knob, Sesame French and Zero Salt Sour Dough. Their seed bread is their best seller.

They bake five kinds of cookies including classic recipes for chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and almond as well as one named Wholesome.Their recipes for their four types of biscotti include traditional ones with chocolate and almonds, but also ones named Carob Cashew and Walnut Spelt. Granola is their best selling baked good; they mix two combinations of granola called Coconutty and Swampmix. Their newest baked creation is an energy bar called AnyWise Energize Green Bar.The granola and energy bar use Rapadura sugar that is made from the pure juice extracted from sugar cane and evaporated over low heat.The molasses is not separated from the sugar.

Sam and Alison view themselves as stewards of the land, keepers of its tradition and purity.The wood they burn for the brick oven is harvested from standing dead or fallen trees.The water used in baking comes from their deep well. Sam says the challenges of baking include “competing against machine-dominate pro- duction, products that use preservatives to promote a false sense of freshness and factory-packaged food.” Drop by to enjoy some of their creations!