Sinking Creek Mill

Portfolio Description

John Albright

904 Draper Road SW

Blacksburg, VA 24060


A family-owned enterprise established in 2005 and located in the Appalachia Mountains of southwestern Virginia. We specialize in the creative reuse of hardwood trees that have fallen naturally or have been felled intentionally for the health of our Certified Tree Farm, a forest of 147 acres in Craig County. Handcrafted products use a variety of woods, which include American Walnut, White Walnut, Ambrosia Maple, Maple, Maple Burl, American Locust, White Oak, Black Oak, Choke Cherry and Ash. Products include step stools, benches and tables of various sizes as well as candleholders, bud vase holders, boxes of various sizes, cheeseboards, lazy-susans and table centerpieces. Custom orders are welcome.


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