Shadowchase Farm

Project Description

Phil Mosser
(540) 544-7323
62 Old Glade Trail, Newport, VA 24128


Phil Mosser, owner of Shadowchase Farm, sells grass finished beef, pastured hogs and pastured eggs. In 1992, he moved from Virginia Beach where he worked as a building contractor, and started a farm in Craig County.

Phil had always kept horses, so adding cattle seemed like a natural next step. For the past six years, he has been direct marketing beef and eggs. Three years ago he incorporated hogs into his repertoire.

At the Farmers Market, customers head to snap up Phil’s specialties: lean tender beef, pork sausage and his bratwurst and Italian sausage, both made with Phil’s own recipes. One can also buy ground beef, one of his most popular products.

What makes Phil’s business unique is the quality of his meat: he does not feed his livestock grain, nor does he give them growth hormones, feed grade antibiotics or systemic dewormers. Phil enjoys meeting friendly Market customers who “care about what they eat”.

His favorite memories of the Market include “many great conversations with customers about farming, particularly with elderly people who remember farming with horses.” Stop by to check out Phil’s great products, and learn more about his business.