Honeywood Acres

Project Description

Glenn Buss
3458 Cameo Lane, Blacksburg, VA 24060

Glenn Buss of Honeywood Acres started woodworking as soon as he could hold a few tools. Growing up on a farm, he recalls that he and his dad were always making something out of wood, and he has never lost an interest in making things with his hands.

However, he did not begin to turn wood on the lathe until he retired from Virginia Tech in 2002. And now turning bowls, candleholders, plates, cups, rolling pins, toy tops, Christmas ornaments, and the like occupies more of his time than anything else. Some of the wood he uses comes from trees on his land, but most of it comes from nearby properties that have dead, diseased or misplaced trees. While he has enough wood in his shed to turn for several years, he cannot refuse an offer of a tree whose wood he has not worked with before.

Yet Glenn’s original reason to be a vendor at the Blacksburg Farmers Market was to sell surplus honey and only a few wood products. His production of handcrafted wood products has expanded as the honey diminished. Nonetheless, the diversity of hand crafted wood products continues to expand, as does his interest in wood that began as a boy on the farm.