Charity Hall Designs

Project Description

Charity Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Charity Hall will be back at the Market this year with her unique handcrafted sterling silver and enameled jewelry celebrating biological diversity. As a former botanist, Charity is committed sustainability. Approximately 90% of the silver she uses is from recycled sources. Recycling sterling silver scrap is part of her artistic process: As she works, she collects the smallest cut offs and even silver dust particles leftover from filing and sawing. She melts the scrap in a crucible and pours it into an ingot mold. On an anvil, Charity forges each ingot with a heavy hammer and gradually rolls it through a rolling mill until the desired sheet thickness is achieved. Charity specializes in bugs! Look closely and you’ll find repurposed insect parts, such as cicada wings framed in silver and garnished with gemstones. For the non-insect lovers, Charity also makes a variety of botanically-inspired pieces and jewelry containing fossils. When she is not in her studio or at the Market, she teaches workshops in jewelry fabrication and enameling at art centers and universities all over the country.