Blacksburg Bagels

Portfolio Description

Jessica Schultz & Pete Macedo
502 Lee St., Blacksburg, VA 24060

Blacksburg Bagels is locally owned and operated by Jessica Schultz (the Bagel Lady) and Pete Macedo (the Pie Guy). Together they have been preparing their handcrafted baked goods for the Blacksburg farmers market since 2013.  Each week they bring a selection of over 20 bagel varieties for you to enjoy. Are you a purist hunting for something classic like a sesame or everything bagel? Or perhaps you look for something more daring like the unforgettable Jalapeno Cheddar. Maybe your sweet tooth is drawing you to the Maple Pecan.  Any way you slice it, they’ve got a bagel you’ll love!

In addition to the trademark bagels, they bring a wide variety of baked goods to the market such as pretzels, pitas, and pies.  Their menu also includes many specialty items such as cookies, ciabatta, baguettes, bread bowls, and Portuguese muffins. Every bite is filled with homegrown, local, and seasonal ingredients whenever possible.

Something new is always in the mix so be sure to come by and see what’s new each week!

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